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Take It To The Limit

Join us this weekend for “Take It To The Limit".

As I write these words, it’s hard to miss the God is Big Enough wrist band I’ve been wearing for seven years. I’m wearing the veteran’s camouflage wrist band today. A big God is so very evident in all our church has accomplished and is accomplishing. It’s easy for me to say, "I love my church." I also love the people of this church. We are now close to serving 20 years together in this wonderful mission field and I thank God for your faithfulness. However, the nature of ministry is that the needs are always bigger than we are and the mission field continues to grow. There is always more we can do and God is big enough to keep enabling us. 2017 could be one of the most successful years of our long history as a congregation.  With your help, as you consider making your commitment to our ministry action plan, we will surely reach new heights in our outreach as the people of God. We are the tangible hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world today and I’m confident that the people of this church have their best days before them.  Will you prayerfully examine your heart and your finances, and then prayerfully fill out your commitment card and bring it to the altar during worship the weekend of November 20th. You can also mail it in or go online and submit. It is a privilege to serve Christ with you.

10/30  No Turning Back

11/06  Curing Affluenza

11/13  I Call You Friends

11/20  All Of Me


Please come join us in worship this Summer
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